Zero To Deep Learning™ With Python And Keras

Zero To Deep Learning™ With Python And Keras

Understand and build Deep Learning models for images, text and more using Python and Keras
What you’ll learn o describe what Deep Learning is in a simple yet accurate way To explain how deep learning can be used to build predictive models To distinguish which practical applications can benefit from deep learning To install and use Python and Keras to build deep learning modelsTo apply deep learning to solve supervised and unsupervised learning problems involving images, text, sound, time series and tabular data.To build, train and use fully connected, convolutional and recurrent neural networksTo look at the internals of a deep learning model without intimidation and with the ability to tweak its parametersTo train and run models in the cloud using a GPUTo estimate training costs for large modelsTo re-use pre-trained models to shortcut training time and cost (transfer learning)Requirements Knowledge of Python, familiarity with control flow (if/…

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